About Us

Developing applications was always our passion. As freelancers we have been doing it on PCs for half a decade. With the introduction of iPhone in 2007, mobile web took off in a big way. 2008 was the year of mobile applications or apps. By the end of 2010, a few thousand smartphones are activated every single minute. It was time to extend our skill-set from PCs to smartphones.

Comprensa Technologies was formed in early 2011 with the aim to organise our individual efforts into a collective team work. The mobile app development division, named AppTuners, is devoted to creating apps for all sorts of mobile devices, not just restricted to phones but to other forms like tablets as well. Our portfolio will not be limited to any particular operating system, device or form factor. Whichever mobile device you own, soon there will be an AppTuners app waiting for you.

Our Team

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