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Reddit Illustrated brings you wallpapers, funny pictures, videos, memes, news and more from the world’s most popular user content submission platform – Reddit.com. Every story has an accompanying photo that looks absolutely gorgeous on your device display. And with an option to download the image and set it as wallpaper from the app itself, you get unparalleled convenience.
While a reddit.com account is not required to access the tons of features the app offers, you will need an account to vote and comment on individual stories.

Reddit Illustrated comes with a recommended set of topics that include pics, funny, videos, aww, cats, wallpaper, music, movies and more. You can remove any of these topics and add your own.

Reddit Illustrated

What’s New

-New Wikipedia cards
-Card title is now displayed in full
-Mobile view now based on Instapaper
-Google Plus cards display post photo, instead of profile photo
-Improved memory optimization
-Option to reverse card swipe direction
-Read cards retain image till end of the session
-Bug fixes for Mobile View
-Missing links in the comments fixed
-Google Play image previews fixed



Last Updated on Sept 15, 2013





10,000 to 50,000



This is a great app with great support! This is THE best app I’ve come across for browsing through Reddit, and has quickly become the primary way I use the site. By borrowing from Google Now’s card theme, Reddit Illustrated allows you to quickly peruse your subscribed sub-reddits and offers nothing but convenience when it comes to opening, saving and hiding posts. In addition to its beautifully simple UI, indepth settings and ease of use, Reddit Illustrated also has the added plus of coming with outstanding support. The team at AppTuners were incredibly gracious and helpful in optimizing this application for use on my device, where other developers may have been dismissive. They and their app are certainly a cut above.


++ simple easy clean Best app by far! Don’t understand why its not #1