Reddit Illustrated – our gift to Android users of

Reddit Illustrated - Main is among the top 100 websites worldwide in terms of traffic. It is visited by millions of users everyday and with good reason. The photos posted on Reddit become famous overnight and is picked up by even international news channels. And photos happen to be the most active section on Reddit. So when Reddit is dominated by photos, why should Reddit mobile apps look like text based email clients or news readers, instead of a beautiful stream of photos. We asked this same question ourselves months back and today we have the answer – Reddit Illustrated – an incredibly beautiful Android client for Reddit that displays stories as a high resolution photo reel.

Based on Google Now’s card UI, the app brings you high quality photos from, the world’s most popular content submission platform. Every story has an accompanying photo that looks absolutely gorgeous on your device’s display. And with an option to download the image and set it as wallpaper from the app itself, you get unparalleled convenience. Download Reddit Illustrated today and indulge in an endless stream of photos that keep on loading as you scroll.


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