Technopark Times – your gateway to India’s biggest IT Park

Home to over 40000 employees across 300+ companies, Technopark is Kerala’s greatest contribution to the Indian IT sector. Everyday there are 5 to 10 new job openings available at Technopark. These job listings are made at different websites and it is not easy to keep track of all of them. Moreover not everyone has a computer and a broadband connection. In fact more people in India access internet through phones than computers. So shouldn’t there be a solution that makes it easy for job hunters and tech enthusiasts to stay updated on Technopark?

Technopark Times is that solution that┬ákeeps you updated on jobs, news, events and more from Technopark, Trivandrum. And it is completely free and doesn’t have advertisements either.


  • Stay updated on tech related news and happenings at Technopark and Trivandrum city
  • Automatic alerts when new job openings are available
  • Complete list of companies in Technopark, with their contact details
  • Notifications that can be enabled for all or selected categories
  • Control the notification, set the refresh rate, ringtone, vibration, LED light and more

Download Technopark Times today and never miss out on what is happening at the greenest IT park of India.


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